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October 04, 2015

I strongly support the need for a drug rehabilitation service in our region and will assist in lobbying government for necessary funding for it. However, after attending one of the public meetings and hearing from a number of constituents I was pleased to hear that ASCO decided not to proceed with the proposed Mooroopna site and is now keen to work with the community to find an alternate site.   The community overwhelmingly supports the need for a drug rehabilitation centre but many residents adjoining the proposed site were concerned about the proximity of the proposed location to residential homes given that many of the clients come via the Justice system.

I will be a part of the working group with ASCO to locate the alternative site.   I am aware that not everyone will be content but I would like the centre to remain local and will do everything I can to expedite the process so long as the community is involved.


Last Monday I attended the Family and Community Development Committee Public Hearing. We heard from witnesses who gave evidence about abuses of disabled people in residential services and the need for strong advocacy for them. The Inquiry is continuing and will be visiting many regional centres including Shepparton.

On Tuesday the Port of Melbourne inquiry visited Shepparton.  Councils and local businesses made submissions in relation to the proposed port of Melbourne lease.   Greater Shepparton City Council, The Rail Freight Alliance, Bega Cheese, Committee for Greater Shepparton and Kreskas Bros Transport were just some of the local interest groups that made submissions.

I was honoured to attend the 2015 National Police Remembrance Day Memorial Service. This day stands as a dedication and reminder of the service provided by the brave men and women who have been killed in the line of duty in order to provide a safe and secure community for the rest of us. There have been 159 Victoria Police members killed in the line of duty. 

My office heard from constituents on a wide array of issues including lack of community stoma support, concern over the AFL public holiday and what impacts that will have on a small business, excessive noise complaints potentially involving the EPA, legalisation of medical cannabis for excessive pain, reduction of Home and Community Care Funding (HACC) and concern over post-natal care for those women experiencing depression.

Have a great week everyone and remember to visit the novelty cake section at the Shepparton show to see the train cake entries in support of our All Aboard Shepparton campaign for better passenger rail services.

I will be in Parliament this week but will be back for the Shepparton show and other local activities on Friday.


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