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August 10, 2015


After a bumper week in parliament it was fantastic to get out in the electorate and attend the Unity Cup at Rumbalara on Saturday.
The Unity Cup aims to promote social inclusion and celebrates women’s role in creating strong communities.
This was a wonderful event with the Governor, aboriginal elders and many women walking across the oval with the men forming a guard of honour.
In parliament I had the opportunity to raise several matters of concern for Goulburn Valley residents.
I used my question without notice to ask the Minister for Water to protect northern Victorian irrigators from untargeted water buybacks by the federal government.
Our region has sacrificed over one third of its water from productive use because of the Basin Plan, with further uncertainty surrounding the Commonwealth’s commitment to providing an additional 450 GL of water for the

This could further reduce irrigation deliveries in the Goulburn Murray Irrigation District by, in the order of, 200 GL.
This would be a major blow for the regions jobs and productivity.
I’ve asked the state government to commission an independent study into the socio-economic impacts of the Murray Darling Basin Plan to date.
I also raised an issue that’s close to my heart, the lack of autism services in our region.
I am told that many children in our region are not receiving enough specialised care whilst at school, resulting in them missing out or falling behind.
I have asked the Minister to investigate what is being done to address this dearth in services.
The Road Safety Amendment Bill 2015 was introduced this week.
I spoke in support of the bill, which will allow Victoria Police to require a blood test from a driver or other person in charge of a motor vehicle where the vehicle is involved in a fatality or serious injury collision, to enable that blood test to be analysed for the presence of drugs.
You can read my speech here
During the sitting week I also caught up with crossbenchers, had briefings on parliamentary procedures and upcoming bills.
This week I will be out and about in the electorate, please come and say hi if we cross paths.

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