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November 22, 2015

Where has this year gone!   There are four more weekends until Christmas and I have not done any of my shopping. There are only two sitting weeks left of Parliament before the end of the year also. We are very busy in the electorate with important meetings and events still coming up. The past week has been no exception with a very busy week in my office and the electorate more widely.

We are eagerly awaiting the Minister for Public Transport to release the results of the Regional Development Network Plan workshops held throughout the state in July.  The All Aboard Shepparton campaign has raised state-wide awareness of the poor rail service Shepparton endures, but there is much to be done.
I am urging all to respond to the RACV On Track survey up until 30 November.
This survey aims to support advocacy for further improvements to the state's rail network, by pin pointing the issues of highest concern to train travelers. The more data we have, the stronger a message we can send:

During the week, I attended many events.  Some are included below:

  • I was invited to speak at the Association of Independent Retirees (AIR) morning tea on Monday.   AIR are a group that works to advance and protect the interests and independent lifestyle of Australians in retirement.  Thanks to Bill Bovaird for his invitation. It was great to speak to them and also to answer a wide range of questions which show how politically aware this group is.
  • The first GV Health Community Advisory Group held their first meeting at the hospital on Monday night.   We have a diverse and impressive group of community representatives and I look forward to working with them.  
  • On Wednesday I met with a local group of parents with concerns about provision of services in disability support houses here in Shepparton. I attended Orrvale Primary School to speak with 100 grade 5 and 6’s about the role of the state government and local MP’s.
  • I also attended the Greater Shepparton Council 2015 Community Leadership Program graduation at the Carrington.   This is the second year that the Council has run the program in partnership with Regional Development Company. Graduates spoke about their experiences and learnings in the program. This is a worthwhile initiative that provides growth opportunities for the benefit of our community.
  • After the graduation, travelled to Numurkah to speak at a women’s cancer fundraiser.  “The “Girls Night in 50’s dress” was organised by local women. It was  great fun and I thoroughly enjoyed myself while meeting many new people.
  • The Probus Club of Mooroopna held a breakfast in the park at Ferrari Park on Thursday morning.  There was a great turn out on a beautiful morning before a very hot day.
  • I met with a local mental health worker to discuss her proposals for a long-term therapeutic residence for troubled adolescents in the area.
  • Regional Bowls Manager, Joshua Thornton visited me to introduce himself, discuss his role and how we can work together with local bowling clubs.
  • Peter and I visited the Twilight fair at the lake on Saturday evening. There seems to be an opportunity for events such as this for families to socialise in a community setting on a Saturday night on a regular basis.
  • On Sunday, Peter and I attended the opening of the Shepparton Search and Rescue new extended facility. They were successful in obtaining a $100,000 VESEP Grant to build a new storage facility for their non-urgent response equipment and a new administration area in their main building.
  • I spoke with the Minister for Agriculture who told me she would visit Shepparton to look at the hail damage that has occurred in a number of pockets across our area. I have been in regular contact with Fruit Growers Victoria about the issue and possible protective solutions.

I personally met with many constituents during the week.  Some of the issues raised are confidential. 

If you are on Twitter, you can follow me @SheedSuzanna.

Remember to listen to me on the radio on Tuesday morning.  My segment should be on between 7 and 8 am on 3SR with Locco.

Remember that Thursday 25th of November is White Ribbon Day.  Rosie Batty will be addressing both houses of Parliament on that day and I hope to be given the time to speak on family violence in Parliament. Two of the men in my family will be attending the White Ribbon Dinner with many other men at the GV Hotel on Monday night.

Have a great week.  I am glad a cool change came to the region. 


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