Agriculture and Environment

Shepparton District and the broader Goulburn Valley is one of Australia's best known "food bowls".

We are a powerhouse of irrigated dairy and horticulture and a major centre for food-processing. We are also one of the sunniest spots in Victoria and ideally situated to support the development of solar energy and reduce our reliance on traditional power sources.

However, at a time when we are experiencing an extended dry period and are fearful of another drought, the challenges faced by our farmers reverberate across the wider community.

In the past few years, we've been making headway in our fight to ensure no further loss of water from our region's irrigated farmland, but there's much more to do.

My agriculture and environment vision for a proudly independent Shepparton District includes:

  • A strong voice on water policy to stand up for our farmers’ access to irrigation water and ensure a thriving and innovative regional economy;
  • Continued advocacy to prevent further socio-economic hardship on our community as a result of the Murray Darling Basin Plan; and
  • A commitment to increasing our renewable energies while preserving our prime agricultural land for irrigated farming.