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September 26, 2016

Independent Member for Shepparton District Suzanna Sheed has asked for the reinstatement of the station level walkway, between the car park and bus depot, and the platforms, at the Seymour Train Station.

It follows concerns raised by Shepparton District residents, who commute to Seymour to use the more regular train to Melbourne.

“The access to platforms at the Seymour station poses considerable difficulties for most people, but especially for those who are older, or who have a disability,” Ms Sheed said.

“Leaving the platform area requires you to walk down a long ramp, to a tunnel, where you must then walk up another set of steps or another very long ramp to the car park, or waiting buses.

“The distance is considerable and very onerous.  I have seen many people struggle to make the transfer,” she said.

Ms Sheed acknowledged a buggy service had been put in place to assist.

“The buggy service is available to those “in the know” who will book ahead – the walkway would be available to everyone and provide much greater convenience to the travelling public.

“I call on the Public Transport Minister to return the original walkway, at station level, which would much better serve members of our community,” Ms Sheed said.



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