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Government Board dismissals questioned

June 22, 2016

Independent Member for Shepparton District Suzanna Sheed has questioned the Andrews Labor Government about its Board intervention policy, during Parliament this week.

“The public administration of this State relies very heavily on the thousands of public entities, and boards that deliver a broad range of services, and are essential to the good governance of Victoria,” Ms Sheed said.

It follows the dismissal of several boards in the past two years, including all the Victorian water boards last year, the Ambulance Board of Victoria, and the CFA Board this month.

“What level of independence and autonomy can Government boards such as the CFA, expect to exercise in the future, given their high level of vulnerability to the intervention of government?” Ms Sheed said.

Ms Sheed says she also has concerns about the ability to attract high level candidates to government boards, given that recent record of dismissal.

“The Premier said there is often a modest amount of money offered to those who take up these positions, but conceded in many cases, there is no monetary gain, however he’s confident public service comes with its own rewards.

While I agree, Victoria is served by many wonderful candidates, and those who nominate are generally passionate about their chosen fields, they also run the risk of the impact a government dismissal will have on their governance careers, and that must be taken into consideration,” Ms Sheed said.

It’s the third time Ms Sheed has raised CFA concerns in Parliament, after inviting the then Emergency Services Minister Jane Garrett to visit the electorate, and the ninth time she has spoken publicly about her support for volunteers including through media interviews and social media.


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