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March 03, 2017

Independent Member for Shepparton District Suzanna Sheed has again highlighted the need for immediate change in the Murray Darling Basin Plan.

It comes as the Victorian Government releases its report, showing the socio economic impact the Plan has had on the southern connected basin to date.

“I am pleased the government has finally released its report into the impact of the Basin Plan,” Ms Sheed said.

“It backs in the results of the study prepared by RMCG for the GMID Water Leadership Forum, which I chair.

It highlights the significant socio economic impacts the Basin Plan is having on the southern basin,” Ms Sheed said.

An Independent Expert Panel has been appointed by NSW and Victorian Governments to review the offsets mechanism in the Basin Plan.  It’s due to report to the Ministerial Council meeting later this month.

“We have now had two studies showing the dairy industry will be the hardest hit, that there will not be enough water to supply Victoria in another drought season, and the effect buybacks have had on our communities.

“This impact can no longer be ignored.  We must have change in the Basin Plan, and it must happen now,” Ms Sheed said.

“We are now at tipping point.  Any further water taken out of the consumptive pool is an entirely unacceptable proposition.”

“It’s now incumbent on the Murray Darling Basin Authority to conduct a full and extensive socio-economic study into the Southern Basin, and to include in that review an assessment of the impact of the loss of the 450 GL of upwater.”




The Victorian Government report is available at:

The GMID study is available at:


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