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Hume region deserves regional sports academy

May 24, 2018

Independent Member for Shepparton District Suzanna Sheed has urged the Victorian Government to support a proposal for a Regional Sports Academy in Victoria’s North East.

Ms Sheed said the Hume region deserved a regional academy for sport that would bolster the already strong culture of sporting participation in the Shepparton District electorate.

“It has been so pleasing to see long overdue investment begin to flow into Shepparton District during the term of this Parliament, but it is so disappointing to realise that as each hurdle is tackled, another glaring lack of historic neglect in our region arises,” Ms Sheed said.

“Shepparton District is home to an array of state-of-the-art sporting facilities and plays host to an increasing number of elite, highly patronised events across a breadth of sporting codes, yet the Hume region is the only region in Victoria that does not have a state-funded Regional Sports Academy.


“For our community, this means a significant lack of development pathways for athletes across all sporting codes, insufficient support for female athletes, reduced access for athletes with a disability of those from disadvantages backgrounds, and minimal opportunities for coaching and administrator development.”

Ms Sheed said she was pleased to see two organisations in North East Victoria – Valley Sport in Shepparton and Sport North East in Wangaratta – had put forward a proposal to the Victorian Government to fund a regional academy of sport for the Hume region.

“I first raised the lack of funding for a Hume region sporting academy with the Minister for Sport, John Eren, three years ago and I have now urged him to progress this project as a priority,” Ms Sheed said.

“We all know the benefits of sport to communities - sport promotes social cohesion, it teaches teamwork, perseverance and goal-setting, it improves mental health and it reduces the likelihood of obesity and associated negative health outcomes,” Ms Sheed said.

“It is unsatisfactory that almost 300,000 people across Victoria’s North East do not have access to such a positive, capacity-building program and I will take every opportunity to work with the Government to ensure a timely delivery of a Regional Sports Academy for our community and the broader region.”


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