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Independent colors shine through

May 04, 2017

 Independent Member for Shepparton District Suzanna Sheed says the value of her position in Parliament has never been more clear than at this point in her term.

"I haven't stopped smiling since the budget was handed down this week," Ms Sheed said.

Ms Sheed based her 2014 election campaign on four key items: health, rail, education and youth unemployment, and after this week's budget, she says she can say her campaign has been successful.

"I was still reeling from the surprise of receiving $170mill for the redevelopment of Goulburn Valley Health last year.  As much as I was campaigning and pushing for funding in the Shepparton District this year, I am surprised at this great result," she said.

The 2017/18 budget includes more than $72mill for various projects, including $43.5mill to commence essential works between Shepparton and Seymour, $4.5mill for significant upgrades in our primary schools across the electorate and $1mill for planning a 10 year Shepparton Education Plan.

"Some may say voting in an Independent to the seat of Shepparton District was an 'experiment'.

"Well, it's an 'experiment' which has proven itself entirely worthwhile. After years of neglect by successive governments, we can truly say this electorate is on the map. We have the attention of government. We are finally seeing necessary investment in our community, which we certainly deserve.

"Budget day in previous years was a time where we would look at our neighbors and sigh, bemoaning the fact that we were not a marginal seat.

"Congratulations Shepparton District. We have done it, and we've done it together," Ms Sheed said.


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