Inspection of storm damage in the Electorate

November 02, 2015

Following yesterday’s storms I visited various areas outside of Shepparton to view the extent of the damage.   I also took the opportunity to visit some a few places that constituents have contacted me about with concerns.

Our first visit was to look at the pothole in Wunghnu and kerb side.  We met Yazmin at the Post Office who pointed out that a number of people have fallen on the curb and roadside.  The locals were stunned when the road top was done by VIC Roads but not down to the gutter edge on the PO side of the road.

Next, I stopped by a large stockpile of tyres in Numurkah that residents have concerns about.   It is evident that there is potential of a fire hazard due to the sheer number of tyres on this private property.


We visited Anna Monichino at Monichino’s Winery to see whether they had sustained any storm damage on Sunday afternoon.    She confirmed that they had very heavy rain which resulted in functions they were holding being re arranged.  Much of their boxed wine had to be re-packed for distribution at short notice as it was required in Melbourne by restaurants for Melbourne Cup day.   A car accident nearby had resulted in the power line being down and no phone service which resulted in the Telstra line being out and she is not expecting it to be repaired until Wednesday.   While the service is being used but the reception is dodgy.

We stopped at the Van der Goors tomato growing enterprise at Katunga and met with Marian, one of the owners.  She said they were lucky in that the storm had not done any damage although they had got a good dump of rain,  She said that strong winds could damage the glass but they seemed to have missed it and Strathmerton got the greater damage.  Marian said that they are employing 35 people at their operation in Katunga that we visited and 45 people are employed at the jointly owned operation further over where they grow cherry tomatoes which require a higher intensity of staffing.

There were five houses in Denison Street, Strathmerton that sustained severe damage including the roofs of houses being blown off. It appeared that there had been a tornado like path through the outskirts of town and Denison Street which caused the damage. The community has pulled together and residents are waiting for insurance assessors to attend before they start the clean-up.


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