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Murray Darling Basin Water Summit

October 08, 2015

The Minister for Climate Change Water and Environment will attend the Murray Darling Basin Water Summit to be held at Tatura on 28 October 2015.

The purpose of the summit is to ensure a clear understanding of the range of scenarios for northern Victorian communities resulting from the sustainable diversion limit negotiations with the Federal Government to take place in 2016.

The Independent State Member for Shepparton District, Suzanna Sheed has invited a broad range of stakeholders from the dairy, agricultural, horticultural, mixed farming and urban communities to participate in the meeting.

Ms Sheed said “it is most important that northern Victorian communities clearly articulate what the “best case” scenario looks like for northern Victoria and to help provide a credible and evidence-based platform for the Victorian government to use in its negotiations next year”.

Invitees also include northern Victorian local government organisations, Catchment Management Authorities, the Committee for Greater Shepparton, Goulburn Murray Water and a range of other organisations and community members.

“Speakers will summarise what work has been done so far, particularly by Victoria, under the Murray Darling Basin Plan and identify the key issues and actions required to ensure that sustainable irrigation communities are maintained across the whole of northern Victoria in the years ahead ” Ms Sheed said.

“This will not be an opportunity for political grandstanding but  instead will ensure that a range of speakers with a deep understanding of the complexities surrounding water issues are aired and a plan for future united action established” she said.

Chair of the Committee for Greater Shepparton, David McKenzie added “whilst the importance of a healthy river system cannot be understated, the viable future of our northern communities is also critical. It is now crucial that the positive and negative impacts of the implementation of the Basin Plan so far are well understood, before any additional commitments are made”.

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