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Sheed launches campaign to Keep Shepparton District Independent

October 19, 2018

Formally launching her campaign to retain the seat of Shepparton District in the Victorian Parliament for a second term, Ms Sheed has outlined her significant achievements and vision for the future.

“For almost 50 years we were represented by one of the major political parties and were one of the safest conservative seats in the state. We suffered decades of neglect and fell so far behind not only Melbourne, but the other major regional centres,” Ms Sheed said.

“Four years ago our community stood up and said no more. Being proudly independent has delivered in spades for Shepparton District – we have achieved more than $600 million in critical infrastructure funding for health, education, rail and road projects.”

“$170 million to redevelop Goulburn Valley Health, $21.5 million to transform educational opportunities for our young people and a record $356 million to upgrade the Shepparton Train Line.  This work is underway and will bring our line into the modern era and make way for our nine VLocity return services a day from 2021.

“These projects are a reality, not a political promise, and they’re the essential building blocks for a thriving region where opportunity isn’t limited by the postcode you live in.”

Ms Sheed said while it was pleasing to see Shepparton District finally receiving the attention it had needed for so long, there was so much more to achieve.

“It is incredible to see how far our community has come in such a short amount of time – we are now firmly on the political map,” Ms Sheed said.

“Momentum is building but there is a lot more to do to be the very best city and region we can be.”

Ms Sheed said she was campaigning for a second term to not only see the delivery of projects already underway, but also to achieve even more for the Shepparton District.

“We need Stage Two funding to see our hospital completed with an integrated cancer centre so people can be treated closer to home.

“We need funding to complete the Shepparton Education Plan, for the Neighbourhood Schools Project and for a residential mother-baby unit to help families give their children the best possible start to life.

“We’ve started planning and early works for the Shepparton bypass, but we need funding for the first stage to deliver a second river crossing and improve the amenity and safety of our towns.

“It’s also vital we retain our strong voice on water policy to ensure our farmers and agricultural, processing and transport businesses have a sustainable future to produce the clean, green and highly sought-after food we are famous for.”

Ms Sheed said it was time to keep the foot on the accelerator to ensure the region was not forgotten or taken for granted again.

“No one was talking about Shepparton District at the last election and now we are one of the key seats to watch,” Ms Sheed said.

“The major parties are clamouring to win this seat with promises and pledges but they delivered little for our community. With an independent voice we made them sit up and pay attention.”

“Most politicians say they’re proud to represent their party – I’m proud to represent the people of the Shepparton District.  I look forward to continuing to work on behalf of the community as an independent voice to achieve even more”.



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