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Sheed urges Federal Government re-think on FamilyCare Funding

March 31, 2015

Independent Member for Shepparton District Suzanna Sheed has called on the Federal Government to reinstate funding to FamilyCare in Shepparton.

Ms Sheed said the service was vital to the Shepparton District.

“These cuts will affect the most vulnerable members of our community, women and children during their time of great need,” Ms Sheed said.

“There is no parent-child residential facility at Goulburn Valley Health, despite years of lobbying, and soon there will be nowhere in Shepparton for struggling parents to turn.”


Ms Sheed said many mothers had contacted her office to express their concerns about the service’s closure.

The free service is available to everyone and helps educate mothers on how to care for their children, including help with feeding, sleep patterns and toddler behavior.

It will close in June due to the loss of a $120,000 Federal Government grant.

Ms Sheed met with a broad range of stakeholders including other local politicians yesterday and the group will write to Federal Government Social Services Minister Scott Morrison asking him to reconsider the funding cuts.

“The loss of this service will have disastrous consequences on the community, that’s why we are urging the Federal Government to reverse their decision,” she said.

Ms Sheed also toured the FamilyCare facility today with the program’s founder Rosemary Rutledge.

“Meeting with FamilyCare today and hearing from mothers about their experiences with the service has reinforced to me how important it is,” she said.

“This service has been there for mothers in their time of need, when they couldn’t get babies to sleep or to eat, and to ask them to travel to Melbourne to access similar services is unacceptable.

“I urge anyone who values this service to write to Social Services Minister Scott Morrison, to show him that this service is too important to our community to be cut.”

31 March 2015

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