Shepparton Education Plan

June 05, 2019

Question without Notice - My question is for the Premier. The Shepparton education plan is underway and was allocated funding of $20.5 million in last year’s budget. A further $100 million will be required to build a regional college, merging four secondary schools into one campus comprising nine schools of 300 students each. It is a transformational plan, and it will see all young people in the state education system leave school with a pathway and a vision for the future. But some constituents in my region are concerned that there was no further funding in this year’s budget and they are anxious to know that the progress of the plan will continue. So, Premier, will you commit to funding the Shepparton education plan, and when can my constituents expect to see this commitment fulfilled?

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Supplementary Question without Notice - Thank you, Premier. As you know, the Shepparton district has received substantial investment over the last four budgets and many of the major projects are now underway. I ask: will you come to Shepparton to see for yourself the transformation that is taking place, but also to meet with students, teachers and other constituents in my electorate who really want to see the Shepparton education plan reach its fruition by the due date of 2021?

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